Documentation Project
The Iraq Memory Foundation staff both in Baghdad and Washington are engaged in a long-term effort to provide Iraqi society and the world a view of the inner workings of the Ba'thist institutions of repression and social control that dominated all aspects of Iraqi life between 1968 and 2003.


Oral History
To give voice to the many thousands of victims and survivors of atrocity in Iraq, this program records on film in-depth testimonies of the survivors, first-hand witnesses of Ba'thist atrocities. The unprecedented opportunity to speak openly with so many Iraqis, coupled with the fleeting nature of human life and memory, makes this work extremely urgent. As of January 2005, the Foundation had conducted 20 in-depth interviews for historical purposes. These will be televised on Iraqi and Arab networks broadcasting throughout the Middle East. As funds become available, the number of interviews will increase to document the stories of thousands of experiences of Ba'thist victims from all regions of the country.


Artworks & Artifacts Project
Artworks and Artifacts Project Under a brutal authoritarian government, Iraq's culture took many startling and unique forms. Most visible was propaganda, which tried to make atrocity the norm. In explicit opposition was the forbidden art of dissidents and exiles


Important Memo about the Public Release of Documents.

Truth is a healing force. To recover from their wounds and to lay a foundation for present and future justice the people of Iraq must come to terms with the atrocities perpetrated under Saddam Hussein's brutal regime. Iraqis are now forging new identities in a very different society. The Iraq Memory Foundation has as its mission: to encourage and inform that development free from half-truths and distortions; to use the Iraq experience to advance knowledge throughout the world and, by so doing, to honor the victims and the survivors of this dark era in the country's history.

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