Oral History:

"I have to tell you about every memory,
        every image of those days.
        I want you to believe me.
 Wanting others to know what it was like
   burns inside me like a red-hot iron."

         Omar, imprisoned in a Baghdad jail for 42 days in 1987

Oral History on Film Project To give voice to the many thousands of victims and survivors of atrocity in Iraq, this program records on film in-depth testimonies of the survivors, first-hand witnesses of Ba'thist atrocities. The unprecedented opportunity to speak openly with so many Iraqis, coupled with the fleeting nature of human life and memory, makes this work extremely urgent. As of January 2005, the Foundation had conducted 20 in-depth interviews for historical purposes. These will be televised on Iraqi and Arab networks broadcasting throughout the Middle East. As funds become available, the number of interviews will increase to document the stories of thousands of experiences of Ba'thist victims from all regions of the country.

An Interview with the
 Anfal survivor, Taimour

 shots from the interviews with victims.




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