Oral history


Atta Abdul Wahab

Ba’athist intelligence agents kidnapped him from Kuwait. He suffered torture in the Al Nihaya Palace prison and was released after 13 years.

Zomoruda Ghafil Sa’aeed

After her husband was arrested in 1980, she was continuously harassed and threatened by the security services and struggled to bring her two children up safely.

Emad Abdul Latif

A university lecturer who was arrested in 1980. He endured severe torture and underwent many corrective cosmetic surgery operations after fleeing Iraq.

Suhaiba Abdul Jabar Khalil

Her husband was killed in an elimination campaign by the Ba’athist regime in Kurdistan in 1983. Her brother was executed a year later. Her house was confiscated.

Khalid Hameed Sheltagh

The regime executed his parents, accusing them of being members of the communist party. His brother and cousin were also killed.

Zainab Al Hamdani And Doa’a Al Shawi

Doa’a was born in prison and her parents were executed. She treasures bootees knitted for her by her mother in prison. Zainab is Doa’a’s aunt.

Faisal Al Safaar

Badly treated during army service. Charged with working for the opposition, he was arrested and tortured by the Ba’athist security services.

Rahima Hashim Lafta

Her husband was executed in 1980. He was accused of being a member of the Islamic Da’awa party. Brought up her children alone in difficult circumstances.

Ibrahim Mohammed Al Qaisi and Sa’ad Mohammed Al Qaisi

Hid in a room in the family house from 1980 until the regime fell in 2003, after their father, sister, and brother were executed.

Abdul Minem Khutar Al Assam

Was arrested for one day, which completely changed the course of his life. Escaped death on a railway track.

Qassim Al Breesam

Arrested after the 1991 uprising. Spent three years in prison, and still suffers the effects of torture.

Nahida Al Ramah

An actress. Escaped many attempts on her life by Ba’athist intelligence. Lost her sight after fleeing Iraq.

Hassan Ibrahim Shubber

Was incarcerated in Al Nihaya Palace prison, where his torture was overseen by the infamous head of security Nadhim Gzar. Suffered both mentally and physically.

Sabih Shami Al Zuhairi

Escaped an attempt on his life by the security services in 1968. Two years later, he was imprisoned in Al Nihaya Palace prison and tortured severely.

Zahra Al Badri

The Ba’athist regime executed her husband, son, pregnant daughter, and many of her relatives. Hid her two sons at home for 23 years.

Shao’ul Sasson

Son of the Chief Rabbi of Iraq. Was incarcerated and tortured for a year in the notorious Al Nihaya Palace prison. Witnessed the torture of famous Iraqi politicians.

Hamid Jasim Al Mukhtar

A novelist and poet, he was arrested with his young son. He endured eight years of hardship in prison and was released before the regime fell

Khalida Mostafa

The Ba’athist regime arrested her husband, who disappeared without a trace. Their son Baseem now has his father’s picture tattooed on his arm.

Abdul Karim Hussein Karim

Was imprisoned and tortured severely for voicing discontent after the Iraqi football team lost a game. His brother was executed for asking about him.

Rafida Ibrahim Issa Al Assadi

The Ba’athist regime executed her son, daughter, and son-in-law. Her house was confiscated and she was prohibited from living on the western side of Baghdad.



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